2016 vibrate!festival made it to the classical concert space

Valeriy Sokolov: Tribute to Shostakovich

Patria Hall | Tuesday | 21 June 2016 | 6:00 pm

A classical music festival, vibrate! was bound to make it to a classical concert hall. Therefore we entered here as well, at Patria Hall of the Braşov Philarmonic, a hall with perfect acoustics. Valeriy Sokolov captivated us on his Stradivarius with a program dedicated to the great Russian composer, Dimitri Shostakovich. Between the two works of Shostakovich, The Mercury Quartet interpreted Viscous Sun, written by composer Dan Dediu, maybe the most important Romanian contemporary composer, especially for the London quartet The Mercury Quartet. On stage we also had Francesco Sica | violin, Dana Zemtsov | viola, Shiry Rashkovsky | viola, Pau Codina | cello.

Photo | Nadia Comanici