Vibrate Festival | vibrate!festival 2016 | EDITION II "AIR"
vibrate!festival, chamber music, classical music, vibrate, festival, sinestezia, concert, art, Brașov, Transylvania, Romania
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2016 | EDITION II: “AIR”

vibrate!festival | 19-26 June 2016

2016 | Edition II: “AIR”

19-26 June 2016

Dear friends,

The second edition of vibrate!festival is packed with unique encounters. The title to this edition is “Air”, literally and symbolically inspired by Brașov’s air: the enduring symbiosis between the mountain nature and urban culture. Air is also the medium in which sound vibrations physically propagate, weather originating from the stringed or aerophone instruments featured this year. Finally, the title signals the gravitation towards the voice in this years instrumental concerts, be it in vocal airs, vocal to instrumental transcriptions or vice-versa. We start off where we left off: the Aula of the Transilvania University. A world class line-up right from the first concert, landmark classical repertoire, rivaled only by Valeriy Sokolov’s Tribute to Shostakovich at the Patria Philharmonic Hall and by String Theory II at the luminous Synagogue. In every other concert we push the limits with the members of the two invited ensembles and works by Messiaen, Kurtag, Dediu, Freddie Mercury, Radiohead. On Saturday we celebrate the angelic voice of Leontina Văduva at the iconic Black Church. The Enescu Square, our creative hub, will host Pianina vibrate!, Brașov’s first Street Piano, kindly donated by pianist Diana Ionescu and adorned by the artists of Depoul de Artă Urbană. Come and have a go at playing it, or be creative visually at Amalia Suruceanu‘s open air workshops. Discover the process of perfecting an interpretation of a piece of music at the Masterclasses, then join us to talk Music & The Mind with Greg Radu; and if you stay on, you might just make a Jam Session happen.

Come breathe the vibe in Brașov!

Vlad Maistorovici | director vibrate!festival


DAY 1 | 19 June 2016

Opening Word & Sound

6:00 pm | Aula of the

Transylvania University

DAY 2 | 20 June 2016

The Mercury Quartet: Tangle of Rainbows

8:00 pm | Multicultural Centre of the Transylvania University

DAY 3 | 21 June 2016

Air de Paris

2:00 pm | Șaguna College

6:00 pm | Patria Hall

DAY 4 | 22 June 2016

String Theory II

6:00 pm | Synagogue

8:00 pm | Tipografia

Tea & Coffee House

DAY 5 | 23 June 2016

Imaginair: The Françoise-Green Piano Duo

8:00 pm | Multicultural Centre of the Transylvania University

DAY 6 | 24 June 2016

QUEENClassics by Vlad Maistorovici

8:00 pm | Rockstadt Club

DAY 7 | 25 June 2016

Ave: Leontina Văduva 30 Years in Music

6:00 pm | Black Church

DAY 8 | 26 June 2016

Open Air

6:00 pm | Weavers’ Bastion

2016 | TEAM

Mădălin Iacob | Project Manager

Dan Oprea | President Depoul de Artă Urbană

Laura Iosub | Communication

Alina Moldovan | Logistics

Nadia Comanici | Photographer

Vlad Hîrlav Maistorovici | Director

Diana Ionescu | Artistic Director

Mihai Stan | President AMAC

Adina Chirvasa | Press Communication

Ioana Danu | Online Communication

Olga Avramov | Visual Designer

Dan Dulău | Visual Identity

Andra Cărăușu | Councilor on Youth Engagement

Andrei Ștefan | Volunteers Coordinator