2017 Music therapy workshop
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2017 Music therapy workshop

Diana Ionescu | Music therapy workshop | With children from Rază de Speranță Association

Baiulescu House | Thursday | 15 June 2017 | 3:00 pm

I was profoundly touched by the experience at the Music therapy workshop held by Diana Ionescu. Her patience, her warm voice and passion for music have created a very welcoming environment for both the children from Rază de Speranță, and the festival team. Children as well as adults showed enthusiasm in learning to read notes on a staff, to prove their talent and to play with Diana on the festival’s Kawai upright piano. I was really impressed by the talent of a certain participant, Tudor, who managed to charm us with his talent and passion for piano, for music. I certainly wish to attend such workshops again in the near future and to interact more with the participants.

Text | Bianca Luca (volunteer)

Photo | Andrei Paul