2017 Happy birthday, mister Turnage!

Dialogues with and about music | Mark Anthony Turnage

Twisted Rhythms: Mark Anthony Turnage birthday concert

Multicultural Centre of the Transylvania University | Saturday | 10 Jun 2017 | 7:00 pm

The second evening of vibrate!festival concerts brought us at the Multicultural Centre of the Transylvania University, where we had Mark Anthony Turnage as special guest, who first provoked us to a dialogue about music. Then he proposed a program entirely signed by him and interpreted by members of Sinfonia Cymru, Vlad Maistorovici | violin, Diana Ionescu | piano. He even offered us a piece as a world premiere. A gift he made us on his birthday, because on the 10th of June Mark Anthony Turnage celebrated his birthday as well. It is a novel anniversary, he tells us, since he is in Romania for the first time. vibrate!festival continues on Sunday, June 11th, with a challenge concert for the first time in Brașov – on the clay court of Tenis Arena, at 7:00 pm.

Photo | Andrei Paul