Vibrate Festival | In Memory of a Great Artist
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In Memory of a Great Artist

Hof Café


7:00 pm

Thursday | 15 June 2017

About the venue:


Coffee shop, alternative space and urban hub of Brașov. Situated in an old yard right in the middle of Brașov, in the central, Piața Sfatului, Hof Café became one of the places most sought after by young artists and entrepreneurs. The place hosts workshops, exhibitions, debates and some other type of events about: entrepreneurship, creative industry, visual arts, film, music, civic involvement or social responsibility. Hof Café keeps you permanently connected to the news, tendencies and present technologies, by the selection of publications and demonstrations that it offers.





for violin and piano


Piano Trio

in A minor op. 50



Vlad Maistorovici | violin

Valeriy Sokolov | violin

Pau Codina | cello

Sam Armstrong | piano

Photo | Bela Benedek

 Tickets available @ Șt.O.Iosif Book Shop & online @ bilet.ro

Free access to concerts for students and disabled persons.