2019 MozartON by vibrate!festival
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2019 MozartON by vibrate!festival

MozartON by vibrate!festival
at TAMTAM Festival
26-28th July 2019

Mozart-marathon: piano and violin sonatas integral

in 3 days, 5 concerts and 3 different places in Brașov

with Diana Ionescu and Vlad Maistorovici

An event dedicated to amateurs and professionals, families and friends, willing to enter this musical marathon for themselves and a community cause. MozartON is the event where the community gathers, discovers Mozart’s sonatas and, due to each participant’s involvement, funds are raised for the cause registered by the Art Respect Association.

**5 steps for MozartON**

1. Access the TamTam Festival website and find out where the 5 marathon concerts take place: https://www.tamtamfestival.ro/.

2. Prior to the first concert come to the checkpoint to receive your participation number, which you will have to wear during every concert within the musical marathon.

3. Attend the next 3 concerts and receive the vibrate!festival materials from the checkpoint.

4. Invite your friends to attend the events and support via donation the cause registered by the Art Respect Association.

5. Attend the last audition accompanied by the materials collected from the checkpoints and receive your participation medal.


The scope of the project proposed – MUSIC – UNIVERSAL VIBRATION! – represents a range of specialized and complex musical training opportunities for a group of 10 talented youngsters, with a wide experience in the field, potential and desire of continuous improvement.

Via this project the Association aims to develop the creative potential of talented children and youngsters, discover new performing talents, promote quality music, assert and introduce young voices, stimulate competition, develop artistry, motivate and acknowledge related skills.

Target: 5.000 lei


Friday | 26 July 2019

TRACK 1 ”Vienna”
4:00-5:30 pm | Multicultural Centre of the Transilvania University
MOZART Sonatas for piano and violin KV 547, KV 526, KV 481, KV 454

Saturday | 27 July 2019

TRACK 2 ”Vienna”
11:00 am – 12:30 pm | Casa Mureșenilor
MOZART Sonatas for piano and violin KV 380, KV 377, KV 376
TRACK 3 ”Vienna-Salzburg-Mannheim”
4:00-5:30 pm | Multicultural Centre of the Transilvania University
MOZART Sonatas for piano and violin KV 379, KV 378, KV 296, KV 306, KV 305

Sunday | 28 July 2019

TRACK 4 ”Paris-Mannheim”
4:00-5:30 pm | Multicultural Centre of the Transilvania University
MOZART Sonatas for piano and violin KV 304-301
TRACK 5 ”The Hague-Paris”
8:00-9:30 pm | Enescu Square
MOZART Sonatas for piano and violin KV 31-26, KV 9-6