vibrate!festival 2021 | EDIȚIA A VII-A: „PERSEVERANCE”


17 septembrie – 10 octombrie 2021

„Ceea ce contează în artă este să vibrezi tu însuți și să-i faci pe ceilalți să vibreze”

(George Enescu)



Am fost întrebați care este povestea temei ediției din acest an – ...

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Ce spun alții despre noi

I find that vibrate!festival is as much about music as it is about human solidarity, about art in its classical expression as well as innovation.

(Președintele României, Dl. Klaus Werner Iohannis. Extras din mesajul oficial transmis organizatorilor și publicului la ediția din 2015)

Vlad decided to enhance the Romanian cultural life by making a beautiful festival here. I am extremely happy to spend a week here in Transylvania, Brașov is a fantastic, beautiful city and I think the right time and place for a festival.

(Valeriy Sokolov | violonist)

Always dreamed of coming to Transylvania - & now I'm here for the excellent vibrate!festival - beautiful part of the world & Brașov is probably the most picturesque city I've ever been to. Vibrate is definitely a festival to look out for - there's a real magic in the air.

(Gabriel Prokofiev | compozitor și DJ)

Great acoustics and excellent performances transported us in different worlds, compelling us for a few hours to live in the present. Because great performers have this gift – to hypnotise!

(Irina Vasilescu | Radio România Muzical)

The most satisfying concerts at the vibrate!festival were the site specific ones that managed to combine a sense of community with an excellence in music.

(Henrietta Foster | EUNIC Magazine, London)

A fine festival that enlightened the city for a week.

(Valentin Bărbat, susținător local | Tipografia Tea & Coffee House)

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