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vibrate!festival, Superstrings Orchestra
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Superstrings Orchestra



Vlad Maistorovici | Artistic Director

If string theory is right, the microscopic fabric of our universe is a richly intertwined multidimensional labyrinth within which the strings of the universe endlessly twist and vibrate, rhythmically beating out the laws of the cosmos.

(Brian Greene, The Elegant Universe: Superstrings, Hidden Dimensions and the Quest for the Ultimate Theory)

The vibrate!festival Superstrings Orchestra was founded by violinist and composer Vlad Maistorovici to bring together string players from world-class Romanian and European ensembles in an international orchestra based in Romania. Having among its members artists that have appeared at vibrate!festival, and sharing the same artistic vision, the values of the ensemble are excellence, tradition, innovation and diversity in classical music. The line-up takes a different shape in each project according to repertoire, from unconducted chamber ensemble to large orchestra.


Colin Alexander (BBC Symphony Orchestra, Mercury Quartet, Tre Voci)

Roxana Bârsan-Curtgeafar (Brașov Philharmonic principal, 4Tune Quartet)

Traian Boală (Arcadia Quartet, Cluj Philharmonic Principal)

Matthijs Broersma (Gemeaux Quartet, Cellophony)

Meghan Cassidy (Solstice Quartet)

Ștefan Cazacu (Violoncelissimo)

Pau Codina (Idomeneo Quartet, Cellophony)

Florentina Ciornei (Bucharest National Opera Principal)

Răsvan Dumitru (Arcadia Quartet, Cluj Philharmonic Principal)

Georgiana-Maria Frîncu Nae (Ploiesti Philharmonic Principal)

Monica Goicea (National Radio Orchestra Bucharest)

Alexandru Hamzea (Brașov Philharmonic)

Shiry Rashkovsky (Philharmonia Orchestra Associate Member, Multi-Story Orchestra Principal)

Radu Ropotan (Royal Academy of Music Allumnus)

Emma Rotomeza (Menuhin Academy Soloists)

Francesco Sica (Gemeaux Quartet, Monte Piano Trio)

Valeriy Sokolov (Kiev Solists Director)

Andrei Stanciu (Menuhin Academy Soloists)

Valentin Șerban (Graz Music University Allumnus)

Andreea Țimiraș (Sicilian Symphony Orchestra, Imago Mundi)

Carolina Weltrowska (MidtWest)