Roman Catholic Church of Saints Peter & Paul


8:00 pm

Wednesday | 10 June 2015

About the venue:


Built in 1728 to plans made by the architect Lamanch Jazsef Karoly and with the support of the Empress Maria Theresa, this glorious early Baroque church has a superb interior with its main altar carved out of wood and covered with gold leaf, six side altars decorated with sculptures and paintings, statues of Saints Peter and Paul, Saint Anne and Saint Anthony of Padua, and numerous carpets. The stained glass windows made in Budapest in 1891-1894 are of particular beauty.



Special appearance:

Cantus Mundi



String Octet Op. 20



Cantus Mundi | Children Choir

Anna Ungureanu | conductor

Valeriy Sokolov | violin

Vlad Maistorovici | violin

Francesco Sica | violin

Natalie Klouda | violin

Daniel Palmizio | viola

Ruth Gibson | viola

Pau Codina | cello

Claude Frochaux | cello

Photo | Andrei Paul