2016 Chamber rock | QueenClassics by Vlad Maistorovici

You know that incredible feeling of shivers down your spine? That was the feeling I had throughout the whole concert on June 24th at Rockstadt. QueenClassics consists of reinterpretations of Queen songs in a very unique way, by our artists Vlad Maistorovici | violin, Harry Cameron Penny | clarinet, Colin Alexander | cello, Antoine Françoise | piano and Ferencz Áron | percussion. The violin solos, the piano improvisations, the extravagant clarinet sounds would make Queen proud of what’s happening in Braşov. The 6th day of vibrate!festival continued in the same interesting fashion until late at night, with Remus Miron and his vinyls, digital sounds and vintage music.

Photo | Nadia Comanici