2017 Concert for violin and… tennis

Game, Set & Music

Tenis Arena | Sun | 11 Jun 2017 | 7:00 pm

Vivaldi or tennis? Why not both? The formula was successfully tried on Sunday evening, at Tenis Arena, where violinists from the vibrate!festival brought us a classical program, on clay. It was a dialogue between the instruments on the stage, but also a dialogue between sport and music, each trying to find common pulses and grounds. The most applauded moment was that of Vlad Maistorovici and Eva Thorarinsdottir, accompanied by the sound of the balls hit forcefully by Patricia Ţig, a tennis player with a big record, during a demonstration match. vibrate!festival continues on Monday with a Masterclass held by violinist Valeriy Sokolov and workshops held by pianist Diana Ionescu. On Tuesday we start over the evening concerts in the Black Church, at 6:00 pm, with a program prepared by Valeriy Sokolov and his Stradivarius and Steffen Schlandt, at organ.

Photo | Andrei Paul