2017 Encounters that change destinies and give rise to performance

Violin Masterclass | Valeriy Sokolov

Multicultural Centre of the Transylvania University | Monday | 12 Jun 2017 | 11:00 am

The Multicultural Centre of the Transylvania University is, during the MASTERCLASS sessions, the centre of dialogue between generations and cultures, bonded by a common vibration – classical music. During Valeriy Sokolov‘s Masterclass, the impact of an internationally acclaimed violinist was visible from the start, even to the untrained eye – after the inherent nervousness had passed and the work began, of course. Technically, then interpretatively, as rhythm or intensity… or Puls (!), the violins of the participants, regardless of age or origin, transformed and tuned almost magically, because the impact of the experience and value of a violinist such as Sokolov is sudden, powerful and definitive. Some say that performance gives rise to performance. It may not be explicit, but the encounter of the violins in the Multicultural Centre had its say in and gave impulse to future musical performance.

Participants: Ana Raicu, Sipos Péter


Photo | Andrei Paul