2017 Music and therapy

EquilibruPsi | Music and therapy

Coresi Shopping Resort | Miercuri | 14 iunie 2017 | 15:00 și 16:30

Music therapy for the children from Hărman and Lunca Câlnicului foster homes, who enjoyed the full attention and dedication of two psychotherapists from EquilibruPsi: Alina Moldovan and Camelia Bota. Two different workshops at Coresi Shopping Resort, where the children discovered the beauty of the sounds made by a xylophone but also the joy of giving music. „How was our experience? We discovered classical and exotic music instruments. We rehearsed sounds and rhythms, we improvised and we created MUSIC with our hands. We got to know and connect with each other and to discover that we are surrounded by beautiful, free and very nice people”, said Alina Moldovan, psychotherapist. With the help of sounds and rhythm, the children enjoyed themselves especially because music therapy helps them develop their creativity, to relax, to improve their mood. „Music therapy is recommended for children and teenagers. For children, music therapy benefits from their capacity to communicate and play, as well as from their need for affection, whose blockage can be remedied through music”, ends Alina Moldovan.

Text | Adina Chirvasa

Photo | Andrei Paul