2017 Young, talented and virtuous!

Performance | Concerts with musicians in the making

Patria Small Hall | Sun | 11 Jun 2017 | 3:30 pm

The opportunity to participate in a festival and to be heard – this was the focus of the PERFORMANCE section of this year’s vibrate!festival. Happy chances, emotions, the stage, the context, the wait, the audience – they are all ingredients that shape and mold the future of the young artists in the making. On Sunday at Patria Small Hall, two students of the George Enescu National Music College from Bucharest played together with the festival’s artistic director, Diana Ionescu, who gladly gave them the opportunity to play together. Pianist – Dragoș-Daniel Saliu (professor Viorica Nistoroiu) and cellist Valentin-Dimitrie Simion (professor Raluca Stratulat) made obvious a little paradox, often stated by the classical music: the virtuosity, the intensity of interpretation and the work they do with their professors, with results that become clear during the first chords, make them appear more than young artists in the making, true musicians. And then we wonder, somehow rhetorically, what’s missing? The third edition of the festival provided an answer: us, the audience, the ones that vibrate, applaud, wonder and then remember them and follow their performance here and other places where their gorgeous music takes them.

Photo | Andrei Paul