Dark Impulse

Patria Hall


7:00 pm

Sunday | 18 June 2017

About the venue:


Patria Hall – One of the newest venues devoted to classical music in Brașov, Patria Hall was opened in 2013, to host Brașov’s Philharmonic. It was built by the former communist regime under the name The Red Partisan as the leading cinema hall in the town. In 2004, the cinema was closed. The new venue consists of a concert hall for a large audience (450 seats) and a cinema hall (70 seats).




Improvviso, un diavolo sentimentale

for violin and piano


Seven Romances

on Poems by Alexander Blok


Piano Quartet No. 1

in C minor



Teodora Gheorghiu | soprano

Vlad Maistorovici | violin

Shiry Rashkovsky | viola

Pau Codina | cello

Diana Ionescu | piano

Sam Armstrong | piano

Photo | Andrei Paul

 Tickets available @ Șt.O.Iosif Book Shop & online @ bilet.ro

Free access to concerts for students and disabled persons.