Rachmaninov Reads Jazz

George Barițiu County Library

7:00 pm

Wednesday | 14 June 2017

About the venue:


The first library was organized by transforming the library of the evangelical highschool în a public place in 1533. The entire collection of books burned in the great fire from 1689. In 1835, inside the Romanian Casina – an organization of traders from Brașov. The actual building of The Library George Barițiu is hosted by this building since 1969. The building, constructed between 1926-1928 was firstly the headquarters of The Chamber of Commerce of the city. The library has nowadays 4 reading halls, with 160 places each and it has a collection of over 280 000 volumes and renews its collections with over 200 new books, twice a month.





Jazz jewels



Luiza Zan | voice

Diana Ionescu | piano

Photo | Andrei Paul, bjbv.ro

 Tickets available @ Șt.O.Iosif Book Shop & online @ bilet.ro

Free access to concerts for students and disabled persons.