Stradivarius at the Black Church:
Valeriy Sokolov Plays Bach

Black Church

6:00 pm

Tuesday | 13 June 2017

About the venue:


The Black Church is one of the iconic places of Brașov. The name was given after a big fire that ravaged the city in 1689 and turned the church into ruins. Initially consecrated to the Holy Virgin, the Black Church was officially recognized under this name as of the XIXth century, after the Reform and the fire. The Black Church is the tallest church east of Vienna. Its Bucholz organ is the largest mechanical organ in Romania. Its collection of Turkish carpets is the second largest in Europe, after the Topkapi Museum’s collection in Istanbul.




Toccata, Adagio & Fugue

in C major

for organ BWV 564


Partita No. 2

in D minor

for solo violin BWV 1004


Allein Gott in der Höh sei Ehr

for organ


Sonata No. 4

in C minor

for violin & keyboard BWV 1017



Valeriy Sokolov | violin

Steffen Schlandt | organ

Photo | Andrei Paul

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Free access to concerts for students and disabled persons.