vibrate!festival 2020 | EDITION VI: “CONTACT”

Brașov | Turda | Bucharest

20 September – 27 October 2020

Dear friends,


In 2020 the necessity of sanitary measures have been putting musical practice to the test, like all areas of life. Thus, the old Latin word contact (con: with + tact: touch) acquires a new meaning for music lovers, as the physical contact between musician and their instrument, the highly charged visual contact between musicians in chamber music concerts, the social contact between artists and audience, taking place in the concert space or at a distance of thousands of kilometres through technology, are sought “with tact” in the spirit of vibrate!festival in this very special 6th edition.


In the year we celebrate 250 years since the birth of Ludwig van Beethoven, we need more than ever his Symphonies, symbols of strength of the human spirit and of fellowship. The chamber transcription signed by Beethoven himself and his illustrious disciples and colleagues aimed to bring the Symphonies to peoples homes, before the age of recording technology and in a time when symphonic concerts were much less available to the audience. The challenges of 2020 made us take on the mission to reclaim this 19th Century musical practice, starting in our home in Brașov, and on tour in Turda and Bucharest.


In our mission we have with us some of the most important Romanian artists across different generations, soloists and members of the top orchestras and ensembles in the country. Each Symphony will give you the chance of discovering them in different perspectives, collaborations and spaces that were able to receive live music within their midst. Our thanks go to the Administrația Fondului Cultural Național, Rațiu Family Charitable Foundation, the private sponsors that prefer to remain anonymous and all our partners for maintaining their support for our mission in these difficult times.


Make contact with the vibration, stay safe with the complete Beethoven Symphonies in historic chamber arrangements.


Vlad Maistorovici | vibrate!festival Director


Beethoven: Living Symphonies II

Beethoven: Living Symphonies II

2020 | TEAM

Vlad Hîrlav Maistorovici & Diana Ionescu | Directors

Paul Binder | Project manager

Mădălin Iacob | Communication

Olga Avramov | Visual Designer

Andrei Paul | Photographer

tba | Logistics

Mihai Buhaiciuc | Accounting