Ferencz Áron was born June 17th 1990 in the City of Saint George in Romania. At the age of twelve he started to take drum lessons in his hometown’s School of Arts. He studied the basics of drumming and rhythm for three years with the tuition of Kertész János. In the following years he played in local rock groups. He was first introduced to percussion with the aid of alternative and electronic music in the summer of 2007. He discovered the wonderful world of ethno music, especially the odd rhythmic patterns of the Balkan. Also been acquainted with funky, soul and progressive music. 2007 was the founding year of a wonderful collaboration between his hometown’s jazz life and the Hungarian Jazz Association. From this relation evolved the Summer Jazz Camp of Saint George where well known figures of the Hungarian jazz life and teachers of Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music introduced Ferencz to a brand new world. Beside the unique opportunity to learn from such prominent artists, the camp also gave him a new perspective of music, setting him on his musical journey. Besides of the drum set he also likes to play all kind of percussion (Cajon, Djembe, Conga, Darbuka, Udu) and electronic drums.