2015 Sinestezia | Avant-Première

The story of the first edition of the International Festival of Chamber Music and Arts vibrate!festival started Sunday at noon. Since its birth vibrate!festival proposed a new approach of chamber music and art of show. The Enescu Square will be the place where through color, sound and meetings with various friends, we prepare the chamber music concerts. Therefore, on Sunday morning, the first exhibition of the festival stopped in Enescu Square. Instrument people is a graphics exhibition of Sasha Meret, an American artist of Romanian origin. The exhibition, made with the support of the Urban Art Depot, consists of 10 boards in which Sasha Meret sees the symbiosis between man and instrument. At 7:00 pm, the Director of the festival, violinist Vlad Maistorovici, together with cellist Pau Codina (Spain) held a short promotional concert at Coresi Shopping Center, one of the festival’s partners.

Photo | Andrei Paul